BILE SALT (Equivalent to Bile Salt No.3)

BILE SALT (Equivalent to Bile Salt No.3)

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BILE SALT (Equivalent to Bile Salt No.3)


White colour free flowing powder, no pungent smell.

Solubility (2% soln. at 25oC)

Soluble in distilled water.

Clarity (2% Soln. at 121 ºC.)*

Clear solution. No ppt.

pH  (2% Soln. at 25 ºC)

6.5 - 8.0

Loss on drying ( at 105 ºC)

NMT - 5.0%

  • It is usually added as ingredient in microbiological culture media, such as in MacConkey Agar and Broth, SS Agar, Violet Red Bile Agar, Brilliant Green Bile Broth and E.E Broth. 
  • Bile salt increases the selectivity of the medium by inhibiting gram positive microbes.