Bis Benzene sulphonylimide(BBI)

Bis Benzene sulphonylimide(BBI)

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Nomenclature : Bis ( Benzene sulphonyl imide.)

Formula : ph-SO2-NH-SO2-ph

Mol.Formula : C12H11O4NS2

Molar mass : 297.2

Assay : 95% min.

M.P.(dry) : 150oC approx.

pH of 1% Aq. : 1.8

Solubility : Sparingly soluble in water,

Readily soluble in alkaline solution or

in organic solvents.

Insol.material : 0.1% at 4.5 pH

Appearance : White or Slightly yellowish Powder

not free flowing.

Application : Mahanol BBI is a basic product for

the manufacture of Nickel additives

for extra levelling ductility and to

control metallic imputrities.