Glacial Acetic Acid

Glacial Acetic Acid

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Glacial Acetic Acid

Purity : 99.5%
Molecular Formula  :  CH3COOH

A clear, colourless, hygroscopic, flammable liquid with s characteristic pungent odor. Solubility (20°C) in water, alcohol, glycerol, diethyl ether and chloroform. Very soluble in Carbon Disulfide.

For Cellulose Acetate, AAN, MCA and various other chemicals
Plastic & Easter Solvent
Dyes Metallic Salts

Packing :-

25 Kg, 35 Kg , 60 Kg , 210 Kg , 230 Kg or 235 Kg HMHDPE Drums
35 Kg or 60 Kg Jerry Cans
ISO Tanks.