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  1. 2-Picoline

    Leveraging on a skilled workforce and ethical business policies, we are able to offer solvent colour like 2-Picoline to the clients. A colorless liquid, this chemical has an unpleasant odor. It is created by the reaction of acetylene and hydrogen cyanide. This chemical is used in the agriculture industry for preventing loss of ammonia from fertilizers. These chemicals are highly useful a versatile building block in variety of derivatives. We ensure that 2-Picoline is packed in damage and tamper proof packaging material in order to ensure their safe and secure transit.
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  2. Triacetin

    Triacetin is an artificial chemical compound, whose appearance is as colorless, odorless and viscous liquid. It is also known by names as glycerin triacetate and triglyceride 1,2,3-triacetoxypropane. It can be used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries as a food additive, excipient and fuel additive.
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  3. Lanthanum Nitrate

    Lanthanum Nitrate is a chemical compound with a molecular weight of 433.01 and chemical formula of H12LaN3O15. These colorless crystals is highly soluble in water. The other names by which this chemical is widely popular are lathanum trinitrate hexahydrate, lanthanum(III) nitrate hexahydrate, lanthanum(+3) cation nitrate hexahydrate, and lanthanum(3+) nitrate hexahydrate.
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  4. Cupric Oxide Powder

    Cupric Oxide Powder is a metal powder which appears as black crystal copper powder. Copper (II) oxide CuO is used in the production of copper chemical, animal feed supplements, dyes and dye intermediates, and high grade lubricants. It is also used in glass, ceramic, chemical and automotive industries as coloring pigment agent, catalyst and friction material.
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  5. Activated Charcoal

    Activated charcoal is activated carbon which appears as either black, solid porous sponge or small, black beads, which are capable of absorbing a number of impurities and contaminants. Therefore, it is widely used in medicines given for removing toxins, chemical purification processes and water purifiers.
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  6. Ferrous Sulphide

    Ferrous sulphide or iron(II) sulphide is a chemical compound with FeS formula. These black solids are insoluble in water. The chemical composition is used for increasing mechanical properties of a several kinds of metals and steels; and improving cutting ability of the metals. It finds its use in alloy & stainless steel industries
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  7. Sodium Hydroxide Pellets GR

    Sodium Hydroxide Pellets GR is a solid chemical whose molecular formula is NaOH and formula weight is 40. Also called as caustic soda, it comprises Iron (Fe), Mercury (Hg), Phosphate, Potassium (K), Sulfate, Heavy Metals, Magnesium (Mg), Nickel (Ni), Nitrogen Compounds and Sodium Carbonate.
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  8. Tin Chloride

    Tin chloride is a chloride of tin that appears as white crystalline solid. The applications of this chemical are many. It can be used in the making process of tin cans. It is also used in textile industry as a mordant in dyeing process. One can even use it to produce plastic polylactic acid (PLA) as a catalyst.
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