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  1. Butyl lactate

    Bp: 175C(lit.) Density:0.858 g/mL at 25C(lit.) Fp: 145F Appearance: CLEAR COLOURLESS LIQUID Mp:28C(lit.)
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  2. Propargyl Alcohol

    Propargyl alcohol CAS Number : 107-19-7 Chemical formula : C3H4O Molar mass : 56.06 gmol1 Appearance : Colorless to straw-colored liquid Odor : geranium-like[1] Density : 0.9715 g/cm3 Melting point : 51 to 48 C Boiling point : 114 to 115 C
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  3. Sodium Sulphide

    The Sodium Sulphide having molecular formula Na2S is a yellow, solid flake. They are used in pulp, paper, leather processing, textile industries to remove the hair from hides. These chemicals are free from impurities & are available in various specifications.
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